TNT - Cannons

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    TNT - Cannons

    This update contains a revert mechanics to the older and better TNT - Cannons to versions pre 1.8
    With these mechanics TNT's are handled different way and the usage of the cannons is much more easy and optimized.
    • TNT will no longer flow with the water flow source but stay in one place
    This will provide you with much more accrued and powerful cannons.
    • TNT will not going to bounce when you light it up
    Providing better accuracy
    • The displacement (movement) of TNT's when they blowup next to each other is reduced
    TNT's will provide much more powerful and focused explosions, especially form cannons​
    • TNT's which fly trough unloaded chunks will load them and remain loaded until they explode
    This way give the ability cannons to shoot at longer range than normal.
    • SAND blocks will stack now rather than break up when they are TNT blasted
    Please report any issues regarding this or any other update at the Bug Report section

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