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    Minecraft account synchronization/association
    You can now sync you Minecraft account with the website.You can add Max 5 accounts to your website account.It is very fast and easy to setup, you only have to follow few steps in order to sync your accounts.
    • Hover over your account name on the website (top right corner)

    • Ender your Minecraft account name

    • Pick a password for the site (this must not be your minecraft account password)

    • You will be redirected to the Mojang site and there you will have to change your skin so that the site can authorize that it is you.If you don't want to change your skin just don't upload any other skin and press "Change Skin" with the already (your current) uploaded skin.And you are done.

    You will be able to see your minecraft account when you post something or on your profile.This way you will be recognizable and the interaction in game and on the website will be much easier and fun.This is how it will look.

    The account sync will be mandatory for the staff members and any user that wants to apply for staff on the server.
    This is needed for security reasons.

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