SoulBound and Puppets Update

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    SoulBound and Puppets

    Greetings Horde,

    At last the update is here and is already implemented for everyone to enjoy!What is it?Well these are the 2 new items that have been included on the server, the SoulBound and Puppets.
    As you may already guess by the name the SoulBound is an item that you can use to bound weapons and tools to you.Basically this means that when you have applied the SoulBound onto item, you will be the only one who can pick it up if dropped or if you die it will remain in to your inventory.It is a one time use item, so that means after you die holding that item or having it in to your inventory the next time that you die you will loose it like a regular one.It will drop on the floor and anyone will be able to pick it.For the moment you can only apply it to weapons and tools, and soon onto armor too!
    Right now the way that you can acquire it is from the Heroic, Legendary and Epic crates.
    Build up your awesome gear and SoulBound it to you!You wont have to worry again about loosing your long grinded gear in battles!


    The Puppets are working on the same principle, except the difference that you do not have to apply them to items you just need to have the Puppet in to your inventory and you will be okay!After death you wont loose any item!
    This is also a one time use item.
    Find them in the Epic crate at the shop!Soon they will be also other ways that you can obtain them.

    Have fun and expect new upcoming features and surprises that we are working on soon!


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