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    Server Rules

    #1. No Hacked-Cracked Clients, Client Modification

    Any use of an mods altering the game and giving an unfair advantage is against the rules and will result in a ban on the server without any warnings.

    #2. No Advertising

    If you are found advertising in the server chat or forums links, IP or referencing any other servers you may find you self banned form the server.
    • 1st Offense Verbal Warning.
    • 2nd Offense 7 Days Temp Ban.
    • 3rd Offense Permanent Ban.
    #3. Exploiting any type of Glitches

    If you find any bugs on the server please report them to the staff or post it on the forums under the "Bug Report" section.
    Exploitation of bugs and glitches may result from a Temp Ban to a Permanent Ban.It depends on the severeness of the violation.

    #4. Discrimination, Racism, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks

    The use of any discriminate, sexual, or racist terms to hurt others will result in being muted on the server, and any continued offenses will lead to being banned from the server! This rule includes in-game names that are deemed to be vile. If this is decided then you may be banned until your name is changed.

    #5. Swearing and Spamming

    Filling the chat with the same message/phrase over and over again or swearing offensively towards someone is not allowed.This also include private message, forums, or any other form of communication of the server.We all know that in way this is a part of the game, to taunt your enemies or provoke them but let it be in the reasonable bounders!
    • 1st Offense Verbal Warning.
    • 2nd Offense Official Warning.
    • 3rd Offense 1 Day Temp Ban.
    #6. Real Life money scamming or trades

    Any type of trade or offers between the players in the server is prohibited.Exchanging or offering to trade in-game items, permissions and such will result in a Permanent Ban.

    #7. DOX Posting Personal Information and DDoS'ing

    Searching up into a player’s personal life, and then threatening them with information you have gathered will not be tolerated on our servers, whether you intended to threaten the person or not. Sending this information to anyone, if reported will result in a permanent ban from our servers. Deliberately posting sensitive personal information about a player, like their name, Skype account, and even their IP on the servers or our forums will also result in a ban from our servers.

    DDoS'ing players or staff is not allowed and will result in a ban from our servers.

    #8. Respect the players and the staff

    Disrespecting the rest of the people in the game or the staff will not be tolerated.It depends on the severeness of the case, but this may result in to a permanent ban!
    We are trying to build a community where everyone can have fun and enjoy the game for what it is.Respect the players and the staff and lets have fun!
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