Season 2 Ending EVENT!

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    Season 2 Ending Event!
    Alright as everyone knows Season 2 is coming to an end after 6months!. We are looking forward on thanking everyone that played these 6months with us on the server and support it like nobody else did! We will be hosting a PVP EVENT so everyone can get a chance on saying goodbye on season 2 with style. The season will change sortly after the event which means the server will stay OPEN but we will be changing and updating things for the season 3, of course you can still play on the server before the final updates and the restart of everything, but this may take a while so in the meantime you can play with the items you still have!. If everything works out perfectly we are expecting the season 3 to be OPEN in the next 15-20days! Have Fun EVERYONE!:)

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    <<-IMPORTANT->> I Will Pick 3 Random Winners From The Players That Are Online On The Server At The Moment Of The Event! The Rewards Will Be #1 ChampionRANK #2BossEGG(Season3) #3BossEGG(Season3)

    Time & Date: 28/7/17 7:00PM
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