New warps & wither changes

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    New warps & Wither changes
    Hey everyone! We have added few new things and changed some that were requested by the community.
    • Added 2 new warps
    • Added 2 new War Zones
    • Changed the End world
    • Withers can be spawn only in the End world
    Warps & War Zones
    The End world has been changed with custom map and it has it's own warp and war zone.Also a warp was added to the Nether world and a war zone.
    Don't worry about your bases in the End world, there has not been made any other changes than the map it self.Any faction bases or other builds/chest rooms/stashes have not been touched and they are all intact.
    For the Nether world, we had to change and unclaim some of the claims that were there, most of the factions were informed about this change that had any claim there.As for the others we have checked if there were any significant bases that might needed but all of ones that were unclaimed had been random claims or deserted bases.This had to be done in order to properly add the war zone to the new warp.

    Wither Changes
    As many of the players have requested and suggested now the Withers will not spawn in the Overworld and the Nether.The only place that they can be spawn is the End world.We kept the option for the players to be able to spawn them in the End because the End world has the default seed and it does not have floor, and this way it really easy for someone to make a unridable vaults.

    Other Changes
    Some changes for the server performance and client side lag reduce.Now the server should perform much better and the players should experience less lag and frame drops.

    Please report any issues regarding to the new updates here.

    Here are few screen shots from the new End, warps and war zones.
    Spawn Warps build by ItsOnlySkillz

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