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    New Raiding Mechanics Update & More
    Hello Horde!

    The new update is aiming to fix and remove the possibility for a faction to create unraidable bases.Placing chest/trapped chest/ender chest/ brewing stands & enchanting tables around a base makes is virtually unridable as the sand blocks don't stack on these items and are broken.
    This update remove these mechanics and now you are able to stack sand blocks on these items when you are riding a base.
    It will also make stacking on sand on the world border impossible and thus preventing to use it for the making of a reverse cannon to raid you base.

    This is an example of how the new update works.

    Also with a cannon.

    It also removes the option to stack cobwebs around your base.You can now stack a max of 3 cobwebs on the "Y" level

    These are small updates but very important for the protection of your base and the ability to raid other bases.

    Please report any issues regarding the new update or any issue in that matter here.

    To do...
    We are still working on the fix for the East-West cannon glitch.As we are running a different server version this fix is taking a bit more time that we wanted, but it will be here as soon as possible and the server will be transformed in fully completed cannon server.

    What to expect next?
    There are many cool stuff coming up next that we have in store for you guys!Of course that means that it will take some time to implement every one of them, and that is because we want to ensure that when something new is added to the server it will work perfectly providing you the best faction experience.
    Here are some of the new things that we will present to you,

    • Koth
    Making the game play more compatible and interesting! With awesome rewards, surprises and competition between factions
    • Duels
    One vs One or team duels.Dueling with your class that you are playing and compare which one is the better duelist or dueling without any class buffs.
    • Wall Gen Buckets
    Auto generating your protection walls for your faction!That should be awesome!
    • Water/Lava Sponges
    Riding will be like EZ now!
    • Mini Quests
    We will add this as soon as possible to spice your game play and add more interesting twist to your game!And of course there will be some cool rewards to this one!
    • Faction Quests
    This is maybe one of my favorites.You will be able to do quest on your own or with you faction together and get awesome rewards and boosters!
    • Gkits
    Yes i know everyone wants this one and yes it will be available very soon!
    • Vkits ?
    What do you think about that?Are you interested? Comment bellow and let us know what do you think!
    • Bosses
    Yeah bosses!Fight them and acquire cool and buffed sets, rewards & more!
    • Bounty
    Do you hate some rival form an enemy faction?Or you just want someone killed?Well just place a bounty on their head and get you sweet sweet revenge!
    • Selling Heads
    Killed someone and got his head?You will be able to sell it and get the prize for it!

    These are some of the new upcoming features that we have planed to add on the server for you to enjoy.Maybe there are more but i will leave that for the future ;)
    Tell us what do you think and if you have any suggestions or if you want to help us improve the server please make a thread here.

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