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    Forum Rules & Terms of Use
    Basic rules on creating a user account

    1. The username is not allowed to:
    • Contain words or phrases that are threatening, insulting, offensive, racist.
    • Be an alteration of an existing, active or not, username in order to insult, mock or taunt him/her.
    Violation of this rule will mean immediate permanent ban from the forum or deletion of the account.

    2. Each member of the forum has the right to maintain only one account.

    Creating multiple accounts will lead to immediate removal and the user will be permanently banned from the forum.

    3. The avatar or the signature of a user may not:
    • Contain words, phrases or images threatening, insulting, offensive, racist.
    • Be designed to insult or contempt another user or a natural / legal person.
    • Advertise commercial products or services, by placing links (eg paypal links), banners or contain words or phrases such as "Best Hosting" or "Cheaper Connection" etc.
    • Use links that lead to websites with threatening, insulting, offensive, racist, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material.
    • Use links that lead to dynamic scripts that use cookies for security reasons!
    In case the avatar or the signature of the user does not comply with the above rules it will be immediately removed by the forum steering group (Moderators & Administrators) and it is at the discretion of them to send a warning via private message (PM). In case of repeated usage of the same or similar avatar or signature, the user will be punished with a permanent ban from the forum.

    General Rules

    • No advertising.
    • No light advertising (Saying the name of a server).
    • Do not make an Racist/Sexist/Religious/Homophobic remarks.
    • No advertising Youtube Links.
    • No cursing/swearing/disrespecting players.
    • No double-posting.
    • No spamming/flooding the page with a single post or multiple posts.
    • No trolling or making troll threads (this includes making posts which are purposely difficult to read).
    • No bumping threads.
    • No posting screamers.
    • No scamming.
    • No asking to trade In-Game items for PayPal , CS:GO items or any kind of trade for that matter (bannable offense).
    • No making inappropriate posts.
    • No post boosting (posting irrelevant content or repeating information previously stated in the thread)
    • No posting on nuisance threads such as spambots' threads.
    • No micro-posting (making 1 word posts/posts with no text simply photos/gifs "photos or gifs, even with multiple words will be counted as a single word" or stating you are not micro posting after making a single word post).
    Report Rules
    • The general rules apply here.
    • Do not comment/report on threads you are not directly involved in.
    • Do not post report evidence which is older than 2 weeks.
    • Do not post a report without some kind of evidence (video, screenshot).
    • Do not post a report without using the correct format.
    • Do not forge/fake evidence.

    Appeal Rules
    • Do not spam appeals.
    • Do not create an appeal before 30 days from the date the last was rejected/accepted.
    • Do not create troll appeals.
    Managing Personal Information

    The forum members are able to correct as well as update their personal data and information whenever they like.

    Members of the forum, which for their own reasons want to delete their account, can contact the Moderators / Administrators with a personal message (PM), in a way that the member / account can be identified and request the deletion of their account.​
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