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    And now i can say "atlast", the time has come that i can focus on the new features and updates that are on our doorstep!

    The first that i will start is the newly revamped crates and rewards. There are new perks added to them and every aspect is reworked to ensure that everyone will have their opportunity to get a peace of the pie !

    Crate Keys
    These are the new crate keys that will be used from now on for the crates. If any of you still have any of the old keys please give them back to a staff member in order to be exchanged for the new.
    • Heroic Crate Key
    • Legendary Crate Key
    • Epic Crate Key
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You can get keys from the Divine Boxes and they will be available soon like rewards in the next updates that are to come!
    The Crate Keys can also be purchased from the Store

    New Perks
    Starting with just a few but no worries, this is just one of the many updates to come!
    These can be found in the Heroic , Legendary and Epic crates.
    • JellyLegs
    • Condense
    • Faction Fly
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New Ranks
    The new ranks are mainly for the purpose of easy raiding and supplying your self with the needed goods in order to make those big and busty cannons.
    They also can be found and won in the crates!
    • NukerRookie
    • NukerModerate
    • NukerAdvanced
    • NukerPro

    All rewards in the crates have been boosted and the containing rewards greatly multiplied!

    This is not all...
    Stay tuned to be the first to know what the next update will be!

    If you have any issue please report it in the Bug Report section by opening new thread.

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