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    Greetings Horde, the time has come for you to show your hunting skills! If you are skilled enough, there wont be a place where your enemies can hide.

    This is the first of the few updates that there are to come with the Bounties and Head Hunter // Masks.

    Bounty Hunter
    If you want someone to hunt down any of your enemies or any player you add a money prize for their head. The prize that you add for the players head will be taken from your account and if the player who has the bounty on his head is killed the money will be transfered in the killer's account. If you want to be the hunter tho, you can use the GUI and check if there are any bounties available.
    The main command is shown below, where you can also check other info about the current mask you are wearing and any souls, bounties stats.
    • /bounties (main command)
    • /setbounty <NAME> <AMOUNT MONEY>
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Head Hunter
    Hunting collecting and selling the heads of the mobs will give you huge advantage and will make grinding much more interesting and profitable! When a mob is killed there is a chance that it will drop his head which you can sell and collect his soul.You can sell all the heads that you have at the spawn area on the sign [SellHeads] .

    • Mob head

    After you have collected enough souls, you can use them to purchase a mask that you can wear and it will give you abilities that can help you in many situations and pvp battles!

    • Mask

    The masks have different powers that depends on what mob it is.Every mask has its own custom enchanted ability.These will be in HUGE advantage to you. When you have enough grinded souls, use them to purchase a mask of your choice.The Masks are equipped in a GUI so that they wont take any space in your inventory!
    The Mask must be equipped in the GUI or it will not give you the bonuses!
    • /masks (opens the mask shop GUI)

    • /equip or /em (opens the GUI to place your Mask)

    All masks are auto disabled in server side protected regions e.g. spawn, shop, warps etc.

    In the future updates there will be changes to some of the features to the Bounties and Head Hunter // Masks as this is the first version .v1

    If you have any issue please report it in the Bug Report section by opening new thread.
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