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    Some time has passed since the last update.A lot of work and improvements have been done from the time that we had the issues that pulled us back and slowed the whole progress of the server and the players.It was something that was out of my hands and i couldn't do much for that.I can only say that i'm sorry and i hope that you would understand that was something out of my reach and that we could rebuild what was ruined.

    Now i'm be happy to present you some of the new features that we have been working on and were added to the server.
    This update also includes some changes to the economy and minor changes to few mechanics.

    Primordial Sludge
    New type of buckets that can be used for the easier wall generation.There are 2 kinds of them now, and few more will be added in the near future.You can acquire them from the Bootleg Market.
    The Primordial Sludge buckets can only be used in your Faction territory.

    • Primordial Sludge (Cobblestone)
    • Primordial Sludge (Obsidian)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (More types will be added, which also you will be able to buy from the Bootleg Market)

    Infested Creeper Eggs
    You can use these Infested Eggs in many ways, which will have huge impact when faction is raided or in PvP.
    • AutoIgnite Creeper
    • Charged Creeper
    • Aqua Creeper
    • Blaze Creeper
    • Stun Creeper
    • Gatling Creeper
    • Nuke Creeper
    • Populous Creeper
    • Stack Creeper
    • Smoke Bomb Creeper
    • Wither Creeper
    • Lucky Creeper (not implemented)
    Some of them can be found in the Bootleg Market where you can buy them.The others that are you can not buy you can acquire from the Divine Boxes.

    WARNING: Don't use the creepers in protected regions e.g. (Spawn, warps, warzone) or you will loose them!

    Bootleg Market
    This is a whole new shop that has been added, in which you can find and buy all kinds of unique new items.A NPC is located in the shop area (/shop).
    The list of items that are currently available.
    • Basic Magic Dust
    • Unique Magic Dust
    • Supreme Magic Dust
    • Primordial Sludge (Cobblestone)
    • Primordial Sludge (Obsidian)
    • Charged Creeper
    • Auto Detonate Creeper
    • Stun Creeper
    • Smoke Bomb Creeper
    • Gatling Creeper

    Raiding Supplies Market
    For an easier access to all of the raiding supplies when you are on a raid, this shop will come in handy.You can buy from it anything that you will need to execute your raid without having to leaving your siege.This shop is also located in the shop area (/shop).
    You can also access it with the command show below

    • /supply

    Lava Sponges
    Added changes to the Sponge mechanics.Now everyone can use sponges with lava too.They will absorb the same amount of lava as the watter sponges (3x3).

    Important changes to the SoulBound are made, please read them, you can see below.
    • Now when used on item it will SoulBound your item to your IGN , this way it will know that is yours
    • If you have soulbounded item and you change your IGN it will not work anymore
    If you have any old SoulBounds please provide them so that you can have the new ones!

    Voodoo Poppet

    If you have any old Voodoo Poppets please provide them so that you can have the new ones!

    Small balancing changes to the economy have been applied.Few prices are a bit higher but most of them are lowered.
    • Most changes are to the redstone and raid section items
    • Creeper Eggs now cost 25,000$
    • TNT is now 5,000$

    If you have any issue please report it in the Bug Report section by opening new thread.
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