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    Minecraft username: Markaras2000
    Previous Minecraft usernames: Markaras2000
    Alternate accounts: NO
    Age: 17
    Spoken languages :English (profisiency level),Greek,
    Current server rank: Member
    Time spent on server: 5d 21h 40m
    Do you have Discord or Skype and a microphone?: Yes both of them
    Some words about your self : My real name is George i am a and i leave in Thessaloniki
    2❩ How long do you play Minecraft?
    I am playing for 4 years.
    3❩ How much time are you planing to spend on the server?
    A lot because i want to win the money
    4❩ Have you ever been punished on the server?
    5❩ Do you have any previous experience with server assistance/staff/moderation?
    Builder and Police
    Long ago i had my own server and helper in multicube
    6❩ How would you treat other staff members disrespecting rules?
    I think the best idea is to tell the offense of the staff to the owner!
    ❩ How do you handle stressful situations?
    Ι like to be calm everytime anytime .
    Why do you think you should be considered to become a staff?

    Because I like the server too much and I want to saw this in any way.
    9❩ Any additional information that we should know?
    I hope to join into the staff!!

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