Hello Horde,

As the sun rises upon our World, newcomers have came and they will try to claim and take our lands.This is a great opportunity to show them who is the Leader around here and who makes the rules.Now is the chance and let everyone know who has the best Factions!You must do everything in your power to come out a winner from this epic battle.The stakes are high and the risks are big but you must not give up!You will have to use your skills and any tricks that you know to do that.
Now good luck to You and your faction members!

The Horde will prevail!!


Divide and Conquer - Season I

We are happy to announce that Season I is now officially open and you will have the chance to participate in to the race for the big price which is 30 Euro!
The 1st prize winner Faction will be chosen when Season I is officially closed.The winner will be the richest Faction in the "/ftop".The winner Faction will have to give us a PayPal account in order for the prize to be transfered.

To participate in the event you will have to do the following:
  1. Register on the website
  2. Create a faction...
Second Chance
SoulBound and Puppets

Greetings Horde,

At last the update is here and is already implemented for everyone to enjoy!What is it?Well these are the 2 new items that have been included on the server, the SoulBound and Puppets.
As you may already guess by the name the SoulBound is an item that you can use to bound weapons and tools to you.Basically this means that when you have applied the SoulBound onto item, you will be the only one who can pick it up if dropped or if you die it will remain in to your inventory.It is a one time use item, so that means after you die holding that item or having it in to your inventory the next time that you die you will loose it like a regular one.It will drop on the floor and anyone will be able to pick it.For the moment you can only apply it to weapons and tools, and soon onto armor too!
Right now the way that you can acquire it is from the Heroic, Legendary and Epic crates.
Build up your awesome gear and SoulBound it to you!You wont have to worry again about loosing your long grinded gear in battles!


The Puppets are working on the same principle, except the difference that you do not have to apply them to items you just need to have the Puppet in to your inventory and you will be okay!After death you wont loose any...
Hello Horde,

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This section is dedicated to "You" the member of this community.This is the forum section where you can speak your mind, suggest and discuss topics regarding the server structure and game play.We would be happy to give us your feedback of what you think and how do you see the server from your perspective!
Any suggestions given by members will be discussed and taken in to consideration, so please feel free and tell us what you think!

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