Greetings Horde, the time has come for you to show your hunting skills! If you are skilled enough, there wont be a place where your enemies can hide.

This is the first of the few updates that there are to come with the Bounties and Head Hunter // Masks.

Bounty Hunter
If you want someone to hunt down any of your enemies or any player you add a money prize for their head. The prize that you add for the players head will be taken from your account and if the player who has the bounty on his head is killed the money will be transfered in the killer's account. If you want to be the hunter tho, you can use the GUI and check if there are any bounties available.
The main command is shown below, where you can also check other info about the current mask you are wearing and any souls, bounties stats.
  • /bounties (main command)
  • /setbounty <NAME> <AMOUNT MONEY>
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Head Hunter
Hunting collecting and selling the heads of the mobs will give you huge advantage and will make grinding much more interesting and profitable! When a mob is killed there is a chance that it will drop his head which you can sell and collect his soul.You can sell all the heads that you have at the spawn area on the sign...
And now i can say "atlast", the time has come that i can focus on the new features and updates that are on our doorstep!

The first that i will start is the newly revamped crates and rewards. There are new perks added to them and every aspect is reworked to ensure that everyone will have their opportunity to get a peace of the pie !

Crate Keys
These are the new crate keys that will be used from now on for the crates. If any of you still have any of the old keys please give them back to a staff member in order to be exchanged for the new.
  • Heroic Crate Key
  • Legendary Crate Key
  • Epic Crate Key
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
You can get keys from the Divine Boxes and they will be available soon like rewards in the next updates that are to come!
The Crate Keys can also be purchased from the Store

New Perks
Starting with just a few but no worries, this is just one of the many updates to come!
These can be found in the Heroic ,...


Some time has passed since the last update.A lot of work and improvements have been done from the time that we had the issues that pulled us back and slowed the whole progress of the server and the players.It was something that was out of my hands and i couldn't do much for that.I can only say that i'm sorry and i hope that you would understand that was something out of my reach and that we could rebuild what was ruined.

Now i'm be happy to present you some of the new features that we have been working on and were added to the server.
This update also includes some changes to the economy and minor changes to few mechanics.

Primordial Sludge
New type of buckets that can be used for the easier wall generation.There are 2 kinds of them now, and few more will be added in the near future.You can acquire them from the Bootleg Market.
The Primordial Sludge buckets can only be used in your Faction territory.

  • Primordial Sludge (Cobblestone)
  • Primordial Sludge (Obsidian)
[​IMG] [​IMG]
(More types will be added, which also you will be able to buy from the Bootleg Market)

TNT - Cannons

This update contains a revert mechanics to the older and better TNT - Cannons to versions pre 1.8
With these mechanics TNT's are handled different way and the usage of the cannons is much more easy and optimized.
  • TNT will no longer flow with the water flow source but stay in one place
This will provide you with much more accrued and powerful cannons.
  • TNT will not going to bounce when you light it up
Providing better accuracy
  • The displacement (movement) of TNT's when they blowup next to each other is reduced
TNT's will provide much more powerful and focused explosions, especially form cannons​
  • TNT's which fly trough unloaded chunks will load them and remain loaded until they explode
This way give the ability cannons to shoot at longer range than normal.
  • SAND blocks will stack now rather than break up when they are...
New Raiding Mechanics Update & More
Hello Horde!

The new update is aiming to fix and remove the possibility for a faction to create unraidable bases.Placing chest/trapped chest/ender chest/ brewing stands & enchanting tables around a base makes is virtually unridable as the sand blocks don't stack on these items and are broken.
This update remove these mechanics and now you are able to stack sand blocks on these items when you are riding a base.
It will also make stacking on sand on the world border impossible and thus preventing to use it for the making of a reverse cannon to raid you base.

This is an example of how the new update works.

Also with a cannon.

It also removes the option to stack cobwebs around your base.You can now stack a max of 3 cobwebs on the "Y" level

These are small updates but very important for the protection of your base and the ability to raid other bases.

Please report any issues regarding the new update or any issue in that...